~ Sunday, November 28 ~



Today we decided to get into the holiday spirt by buying/decorating a christmas tree. I don’t remember really ever having a “real” one growing up so this is a real treat! We drove to about two different places realizing we didn’t want a huge tree. This would be too big for us! We thought something smaller would be cute and fit our taste. We finally found this guy (we named him George… hehe) at Publix of all places. He is just the right size. We bought all the ornaments from Michael’s craft store. Everyone helped decorate… even Gizmo. We had lunch at this really great pita place. They had an awesome veggie pita with the traditional yogurt sauce. Mmm. We are now watching the movie “The Last Station.” It’s about Leo Tolstoy’s last days. It’s very well acted and directed. You should check it out. 

"Everything I know, I know because I love."

~ Thursday, November 25 ~






Thanksgiving for us is a little different from the traditional. Well, at least for me. I’m vegetarian (I have been for over 10 years!) and so… well, the Turkey is out. I’m not here to get political so if it’s your thing that’s okay. J isn’t a veggie so he partakes in the meat eating side of it.

Today started off with a delicious breakfast with faux sausage, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Don’t forget the juice either! I ate it all!

This year (sadly) I didn’t get to see my family. They live about an hour away and to boot they were all sick :( . J’s mom invited us over for their feast! And what a feast it was. She was so kind to make everything vegetarian for me. She even made me special stuffing! There must have been over ten different vegetables I ate. The night ended a little early for me because I had/have work in the morning (I have to be up at 3am! Oh, blackfriday…) Cheers to all and to all a good night!

P.S. I hope your day was filling with food and with love!

P.P.S. Isn’t Gizmo so cute trying on my dress? hehehe

~ Saturday, November 20 ~

Another day spent at Harry Potter World. This time we went with our friends Amanda & Taylor. The boy’s really don’t like riding on roller coasters, so Amanda and I went on all of them while they drink beer and talked. Hulk was my favorite. I also really liked the dueling dragons ride. What fun!

~ Friday, November 19 ~


It’s no lie we are foodies at heart. So when we heard our favorite chef/world traveler Anthony Bourdain was coming into town (St.Petersburg) … we had to go see him! We left really early so we could grab a bite to eat before we saw him. We ended up eating at this really cute place called JoJo’s. The restaurant won a couple of awards in the area for best italian restaurant. 

"Tony" was hilarious! If you happen to watch food network you would totally get all the jokes and comments he made. He also was really serious when it comes to traveling. He said "If you’re lucky enough to have a passport and travel, please don’t eat at Mc Donald’s and have some respect for the locals."  When ever I get the pleasure to travel, I will defiantly take that to heart. 

J said this: Just got back from seeing Anthony Bourdain in St. Pete. He was very funny, insightful and inspiring in many ways. It was a great show.

All in all it was a night to remember!

~ Thursday, November 11 ~

I bought my limited edition box set of “The Sound of Music” today! I can’t stop listening to “My Favorite Things” and “The Lonely Goatheard” I think J’s going to die. To girly for him :)

~ Saturday, November 6 ~










For our birthday’s this year J’s mom got us both season passes to Universal Orlando’s theme parks. We go at least once a month. We can’t seem to get enough of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" It’s so much fun. This time we went with our friends Josh & Amanda. We ate at the "Three Broomsticks." I had macaroni & cheese and fries while J. had fish and chips. Delicious. Of course no meal is complete without the most awesome drink around: Butterbeer! 

~ Monday, November 1 ~


Today was a lazy day! We didn’t go out anywhere, but on our way to recycle some things we decided to have an impromptu photo-shoot. :)